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New Publication   June 05, 2017

Paths, Sounds, Ruins: Imagining Architecture in Candelaria

“[This report is the] story of a pedagogical experience like no other: one that follows the intellectual journey undertaken by many protagonists, some continuously, others periodically, few occasionally, yet all of them guided by this writer and architect over the course of three years.”

- Jorge Silvetti

This publication showcases designs and writings inspired by a vast aquatic territory in Argentina, where the extant ruins of a group of Jesuit missions in the middle of the subtropical jungle make tangible the colonial encounter with the Guaraní people and their language, culture, and territory. Taught in conjunction with a seminar on the concept of the ruin, the last and conclusive studio highlighted three themes as drivers for an imaginative architecture: paths, or the threading together of points in space conjuring up mnemonic itineraries and journeys; sounds, alluding to the intangible elements (music, song, poetry, and myth) that are integral to culture; and, finally, ruins themselves as generators of architectural form.

Paths, Sounds, Ruins: Imagining Architecture in Candelaria is available for purchase from the Francis Loeb Library.

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