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Pomona College Museum of Art – Concrete Mock-UP

Site Visit   April 11, 2018

Concrete mockups with different types of forming and details.

Construction is underway on the new Pomona College Museum of Art. Near the site we’ve built two large mock-ups to test the structure and architectural finishes of the monolithic, cast-in place, concrete walls. One type of concrete is a linear board-formed concrete with tapering windows and corners set below a sloping roof line. The other type is an HDO lined concrete with inset wood frames.

Smooth concrete with inset wood frames.
Profiles of the concrete leakage between forming boards.
Project team including representative from Pomona College (Owner/User), Machado Silvetti (Design Architect), Gensler (Executive Architect), Hathaway Dinwiddie (General Contractor) and San Mar (Concrete Contractor).

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