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Now Practice Now Summit

October 18, 2018

Jeffry Burchard, Principal is the co-chair of the Now Practice Now series at the Boston Society of Architects. Now Practice Now was formed out of Jay Wickersham Presidential Task Force assembled to discuss the state of architecture practice.

“In the course of our conversations and research we have found that issues of equity, inclusion, design, technology, environment, resources and innovation are often discussed in isolation and without taking a deep dive into the fundamental, perhaps canonical, questions of how we get paid (CASH), what we do (STUFF) and where we work (TURF). We think that these three questions, if not at the root of contemporary quandaries in the practice, have at least something to do with ingrained and outdated models of doing and thinking.” - Jeffry Burchard

Three workshops were held in the Spring of 2018 to explore CASH, STUFF and TURF. This series will culminate in a one-day summit where 60+ Boston architects and designers from many experience levels and practice types will converge to align position statements on CASH, STUFF and TURF with the sociological and disciplinary issues that practices face today. The summit takes place at the BSA Space on Friday, October 19.

Learn more about the NPN Summit on the BSA's website:

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