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Druker Lecture Series: Rodolfo and Jorge

October 11, 2019

On November 9th, Rodolfo and Jorge were the honorary Druker Lecture series speakers and recipients of the Griffin Award at the Boston Public Library's Central Library. This acclaimed annual public lecture, established by the Druker family in 2001, focuses on the understanding and appreciation of design and architecture in the urban environment. According to the organizers, “speakers are selected for their outstanding and important contributions to the world of urban art and architecture.”

Following introductory remarks from Boston Public Library President David Leonard and Ronald Druker, President of the Druker Company, Rodolfo and Jorge reflected on their early years and the foundational projects of their practice; and presented a new Machado Silvetti taxanomy-of-sorts with some of the office's most notable projects.

Jorge speaking of his and Rodolfo's early years in Berkley and Paris
Rodolfo presenting Machado Silvetti's One Western Avenue project

The Work of Machado Silvetti
Rodolfo and Jorge Honored
Jorge Silvetti Honored with 2018 AIA/ACSA Topaz Medallion
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