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Construction on the Vietnamese-German University Nears Completion

February 08, 2021


In 2013, Machado Silvetti won the VGU Competition to design the 50.5 ha campus Master Plan and 327,000 square meters (3,519,800 SF) of built area, including laboratories, classrooms, food-courts, sports halls, administrative spaces and dormitories for 12,000 students. The ground-up campus was designed to function as an “academic town,” with clear zoning and layers of infrastructure. The buildings are conceptually lifted off the ground to allow for a porous ground level and to connect the campus landscape through continuous courtyards, gardens, and covered pathways.

Lecture Hall

Sitework and construction for VGU began in 2017. Construction photos reveal diverse formal building massing, connected exterior and interior social spaces, and striking façade expressions. As landscape grows in and campus life gets activated through inhabitation and use, we look forward to seeing the spaces come to life.

Food court
Clockwise from top right: Entry Canopy; Ceremony Hall; Library
Library interior bleacher and ceiling baffles

The Vietnamese-German University (VGU) is a unique collaboration between the World Bank, the Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training and the German Hessen State Ministry of Science and Art. The objective of this multi-year effort has been twofold – 1) develop an internationally accredited higher education program for research and professional advancement for Vietnamese students and 2) build this campus for the new university.

East Bridge
Dormitory clusters and courtyard
Administration Building and East Bridge

The organization and operation model of VGU is new and experimental, creating motivation to promote the renovation of Vietnam’s higher education system by providing a research based university setting modeled on international standards. The University offers advanced undergraduate and post-graduate programs, capitalizing on the expertise of German academic partners and the demands of Vietnam’s unique science, technology and socio-economic challenges.

Vietnamese-German University
VGU Construction Progress, July 2017
BSA Award | VGU
VGU Project Story
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