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Stephanie Presents Denver Art Museum at BSA REOPENINGS

July 9, 2021

Earlier this summer, Stephanie presented the Denver Art Museum Renovation and Expansion in the BSA 2021 Online Streaming Series, REOPENINGS. The series, organized and hosted by Machado Silvetti’s Jeffry Burchard, features talks and projects that re-purpose or build upon existing buildings.

The BSA has highlighted existing buildings as a topic of interest for Summer 2021, featuring events and series that support the theme. Renovation, reuse, and reimagining of architecture within existing buildings is an increasingly large sector of architectural work, due to a variety of factors including cost, sustainability, historical relevance, and logistics.

The Denver Art Museum, originally designed by Gio Ponti and opened to the public 50 years ago, will be reopened to the public in October 2021, after a renovation of all eight levels and a new Welcome Center expansion, through a collaboration of Machado Silvetti and Fentress Architects. Stephanie will focus on the renovation, including challenges and opportunities of working within the constraints of a unique and iconic existing architecture.

Stephanie’s presentation, paired with a presentation by designLAB’s Ben Youtz and Andrew Brookes, was the kick-off event for the REOPENINGS series. Other dates are, July 28th, with projects by MILLIONS and Studio Gang, and August 4th, with projects by Kripper Studio and LA DALLMAN.

Watch Stephanie’s presentation of the Denver Art Museum Renovation and Expansion below:

Video courtesy of the BSA

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