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Poetic Invocation for the Denver Art Museum Reopening

April 12, 2022

Video courtesy of the Denver Art Museum

We are excited and honored to share Adrian Molina’s performance of his amazing, “A Poetic Invocation to Re-Imagination,” written on behalf of the opening of the reimagined Martin Building and new Sie Welcome Center. Molina, who also goes by Molina Speaks, originally wrote, and performed this poem for the Denver Art Museum’s opening ceremony; the performance was later re-created by the artist in the captivating video format, above.

Molina opens his invocation with a wonderful description of the project and what it represents for the museum:

“In celebration of the grand reopening
of the Denver Art Museum's Martin Building.
The Maya understood the circle
as a placeholder for the universe.
A circle of new life inspired by a fruit
now connects the titanium, multi-quadrilateral succulent
to its renovated medieval castle.
A modern marvel of design.
Let this embrace of spectacular shape and connection
be the driving force in the Denver Art Museum's mission
to relearn what it means to be a museum.
A muse, a medium.
A meeting point of human dimension.”

"A Poetic Invocation to Reimagination."
Adrian H. Molina
Commissioned for the Martin Building Opening Day Celebration at the Denver Art Museum on October 24, 2021

Read more about the process by which Adrian Molina came to understand the renovated Martin Building and new Sie Welcome Center, here .

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