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Behind the Relaunch of the new Machado Silvetti Website

Studio   April 2015

Machado Silvetti


or the past 8 months we've been working on revising our graphic presence through an updated branding identity led by a re-look at our website. We've relaunched a completely new website, refreshed our logo and revised many of our marketing materials. While much of the content remains the same, the focus of our efforts was to curate the experience of showcasing our work through a clean, fresh design that is easy to read and puts content at the forefront.

Graphic Prototypes

On a broad level, we did this by establishing a clear hierarchy for readers, providing them with a gradient of content types—from glancing through imagery to scanning through headlines to a deeper reading of longer text. The content is presented in a dynamic way that lets users navigate quickly between pages, finding what they are looking for, or upon a deeper read, discovering the unexpected.

Brainstorming Session

As with all of our design work, in designing the website we spent countless hours considering and analyzing how a user would digitally navigate the site. We considered user groups, why they would access the site and what they would be looking for. We developed a simple circulation diagram as a way of understanding this and as a means of directing our efforts for organizing pages. As the site grew and our ideas about it evolved, this diagram provided us with an over-arching road map for the site's function and user flow.

Continuous Engagement Loop

Eventually this diagram expanded but what remained was the original objective that users be able to seamlessly continue in a loop between Perspectives, Portfolio Projects and Office Information.

User Experience Diagram

While we focused on keeping the User Experience dynamic, we were also working on the technical aspect of the site – by coding efficiency, reliability and flexibility into the technical coding of the pages. It was imperative that the site work and display beautifully on all devices and that it retain quick load speeds. This is responsive design: a site's ability to sense the type of device on which it is being accessed and to determine the best way of displaying content.

Responsive Design Across Devices

Because the coding is so flexible, the content is virtually limitless at providing an endless possibility of page types. Flexibility within constraints.

Web Pages

One of our completely new pages is Perspectives. It was a struggle to name this section. What do you call the collection of research, experiences, interests and ideas that inform your work? We played around with a lot of names: Innovation, Research, Platform, %#$#$, What We Do...

Perspectives Collector Page

We chose Perspectives because of its simultaneous specificity and generality. We saw a parallel between the content we were developing for this page and many of the ideas that inform our design decisions.

Social Media

In order to better distribute this type of news content, the new site provides opportunities to share to your own social media as well as to follow what we are doing. Through this, our site's reach expands exponentially through a gradient of connections to our friends, colleagues, clients and the broader public through their daily interaction and our content.

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