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The Lead


February, 2015

Behind the relaunch of the Machado Silvetti Website Link

Unprecedented Realism

August, 2014

In a text written for The Skyscraper Museum's Times Square Exhibition, Rodolfo Machado reflects on the competition, the office's proposal, and a comparison of architecture then and now. Reflections

Machado Silvetti and the New Moderns

Douglass Shand-Tucci | Built in Boston

Douglass Shand-Tucci's revised and expanded edition elaborates on defining Machado Silvetti's role as the standard-bearers for design firms in Boston who are pushing the envelope and advancing the frontiers of the field. Book Review

Project Interview

The Architecture of Cultural Heritage

The Menokin Stabilization, The Getty Villa, Qasr al Muwaiji

On November 20, 2015 Jeffry Burchard and Patrick Ruggiero sat down with Jorge Silvetti to discuss the firm’s approach to Cultural heritage. Here is a portion of that conversation. Interview I

The Ideas and Architecture of Qasr al Muwaiji

Qasr al Muwaiji

Part II of Jeffry Burchard and Patrick Ruggiero's interview with Jorge Silvetti discussing Qasr al Muwaiji. Interview II

Concept to Construction

Ringling Façade

December 2017

The design and development of a very green building Concept to Construction

Robert F. Wagner, Jr. Park

June 2017

The story behind Machado Silvetti’s design for a celebrated waterfront park at the southern tip of Manhattan Concept to Construction

Qasr Al Muwaiji

December 2015

A glass pavilion in the desert Concept to Construction

Dewey Square

August 2015

The process behind Dewey Square, Machado Silvetti's design for a modern-day urban space with a single contemporary character, unique within the city Concept to Construction

NYU Global Center for Academic and Spiritual Life

January 2015

An in-depth look at the materials that we've been working with and the collaborative process with fabricators Concept to Construction


Ensuring Green Futures

Provincetown Art Association Museum

It is a basic responsibility of Architecture to imagine and implement a future made better through sustainable practices. Project

Sustainable Master Planning

Tun Razak Exchange

The introduction of a new and varied elevated topography simultaneously accommodates the everyday mechanisms of the urban environment while creating a platform for a successful, efficient and pedestrian-oriented landscape above. Case Study

Not Just Green

A video from Local Projects

With an attention to communities and education, The Stone Barns Center offers a unique approach to what it means to be green.


Back of House

Various Projects

A look at the back of house spaces that make some of our best academic and museum projects run. Photo-Essay

Project Stories

The Getty Villa: Part I —Framing Artifacts

Machado Silvetti

The Getty Trust consolidated all its entities and activities when it moved to the new Getty Center in December 1997. The move, long in its coming, was preceded by years of programming, designing and building the Center. Lecture


Completed 2014

The new Kennedy Center for Theatre and the Studio Arts—a building combining studio arts and theater programs for Hamilton College Clinton, New York. Video

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