Aeon Residential Development

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MARAKEZ is developing a 160,000 sf residential neighborhood development in West Cairo, titled Aeon. This new neighborhood features a distinct low-rise neighborhood surrounding public gardens and a high-rise residential tower. The community is serviced by convenient perimeter parking and is connected to a broad range of shared community amenities. The diversity of outdoor spaces gives each residence a unique identity within the larger community and provides residents and their families with a range of landscapes and environments to explore and enjoy.

Building entrances and lobbies are carefully designed to frame views of the landscape beyond. Stairs descend down to the pedestrian paths which wind their way through a wide variety of gardens and outdoor recreation spaces. A central pedestrian promenade connects the four gardens and provides a direct walking path to the grocery store, cinema and all of the services, shopping and entertainment venues provided in the Mall of Arabia.

The development is separated into three distinct neighborhood clusters and a high-rise tower. Each neighborhood cluster is defined by a unique housing typology and central garden space. The shared gardens serve to foster a sense of community, while the housing typologies utilize space efficiently and maximize access to the outdoors.

Year: 2016-
Cairo, Egypt

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