Sun Devil Energy Center at Arizona State University

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The Sun Devil Energy Center houses Arizona State University's new 74,000 square foot Cogeneration power facility. This combined heat and power plant is three and a half stories high, and provides central cooling, heating and on-site electricity (cogeneration) for the South Campus loop. Across the street from the new Hassayampa Academic Village and south of the Biodesign Institute, the building mitigates any sound or vibration being produced from the machinery within the structure.

To accomplish this, the windowless exterior envelope of ASU's Cogeneration Plant utilizes a multistory precast concrete panel in rotated patterns to produce a highly dynamic and modulated façade. These "folded" precast concrete panels were chosen as an efficient and economical building envelope that absorbs sound while reflecting sun angles to create a dynamic play of light and shadow across the façade throughout the day.

Year: 2006
Arizona State University
Tempe, Arizona

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