Banco Ciudad Competition

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The Banco Ciudad proposal is the result of a deep understanding of the site conditions, and a thorough study of the client's program requirements, coupled with the ultimate aim to establish an iconic image for the bank in the 21st century. The Banco Ciudad site is located across the street from Parque Patricios, a large urban park in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The building takes advantage of its location by creating a sequence of entry plaza, a central patio and generous garden extending the park into the interior of the urban block, connecting it to the neighborhood. The two levels below this "park-patio" plane are built into the site's natural topography as it slopes away from the park toward the south. This creates a podium beneath the entire building, with parking underground, service area and auditorium VIP entrances at street level to the rear. The main entrance and all of the semi-public and social program components: auditorium, bank branch, social lounge and gym, are located on the ground level.

The mezzanine, a U-shape, contains the IT center, executives' dining rooms and offices. Formally, this level articulates the ground plane with the volume floating above, containing two floors of offices, which are the most significant component of the bank and are treated as such. The volume that houses them registers the park in its shape, by embracing it in form with a gentle curve in the northern facade. The exterior envelope is made of a continuous skin of glass, metal fins and rolling shades that reinforce the unique qualities of the volume. The proposed building is both monumental and iconic at the same time, creating a memorable identity for the bank. The offices are celebrated as a collective working space, an efficient and transparent production machine, democratic and modern where the mission of the bank is accomplished.

Year: 2010
Banco Ciudad (Ciudad Bank)
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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