Downtown Cary Park

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This seven-acre park is the centerpiece of an investment by the citizens of the Town of Cary to enhance, expand and protect the accessible public vibrancy of their rapidly growing community. Located in the heart of downtown Cary, the park is a transformational synthesis of urban design, landscape, architecture and programming that benefits the Town Cary and the greater region. The project’s design is the result of collaboration between Cary’s Parks and Rec Department, OJB Landscape Architecture and Machado Silvetti and a host of consultants, community members, and the town’s council and manager’s office. Starting with the development of an early comprehensive master plan, produced in a rich and ongoing dialogue with the local community, the team of OJB and Machado Silvetti meticulously designed the park to be an aspirational park experience rooted in local culture, where interior and exterior spaces blend into each other and the visitor’s desires and expectations are met and exceeded at every turn.

Machado Silvetti designed five pavilion architectures within the park, providing programs including food and beverage, public restrooms, events and performance venues, as well as providing general covered and semi-enclosed spaces of shaded leisure and recreation. The architecture of the pavilions, while diverse programmatically have been designed as a cohesive ensemble. All sharing a consistent material pallet of timber, wood cladding, white brick and zinc roofs, connecting to vernacular traditions of construction in North Carolina. Three of the pavilions share geometric similarities, utilizing conic roof forms to create iconic pavilions that weave themselves into the various offerings of the park. The pavilion roofs, in their winding plans and cantilevered roofs, blur the distinction between interior and exterior space in favor of the ubiquitous quality of always being in and surrounded by the park.

Landscape Architect:
OJB Landscape Architecture
Town of Cary
Cary, NC

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