FSM East River Master Plan


This Design for a corporate headquarters fused image and function into one concept. The DOM Corporation, a manufacturer of high-quality security systems, wanted a building that would project the image of its products and offer efficient and flexible office space. The design is classically organized, with a base, body, and head. The head is actually a dome that carries the company logo and has an area for product sales presentations and a small corporate museum, or the “memory” of the company’s development. The materials for the building are consistent with those used in the manufacture of DOM products and present a clear, hard, secure image. The base of the building is solid and continuous, constructed of finely-joined anodized aluminum panels with flush solar glazing. The body of the building has a one-meter-square modular curtain wall of semi-reflective glass. The dome is finished with highly polished stainless steel panels. In a typical tall building, the base, body, and head would be vertically stacked with elevators up the center, but in the DOM structure, these elements are pushed forward, towards the freeway. The result is a unique and insistent image, drawn from the company’s industrial design vocabulary, and a very functional office building featuring a central atrium with stepped back terraces. The building is a strong presence on the industrial landscape—a virtual logo in and of itself.plan office organization, with plenty of lounge and relaxation space for employees; natural light and exterior views; and green "lungs," such as a planted atrium in the NAC. All of these amenities produce a climate of camaraderie and small town service within the complex. The Central Building culminates with a roof garden, housing child-care facilities and a specially designed outdoor space for children.

Lastly, the new Central Building's exterior is designed to minimize its visual impact on the city through the use of multiple façade patterns. These various vertical planes, seen one next to the other, evoke the feeling of separate townhouses found along a street. This results in a diminished and more humane building scale.al and small manufacturers. The creation of a dense residential area is essential for the type of urban life we want to see developed in Deep Ellum. The creation of a residential neighborhood in the city is a rather unusual situation for Dallas. The project proposes an alternative to the two prevailing solutions: the isolated highrise tower and the suburban type single family house of cluster housing. Two aspects are of major importance in the implementation of the masterplan concept, one is the type of urban structure, the other is the massing - these two are intimitely related. The masterplan places a strong emphasis in the creation of public spaces. These are essential to the character and nature of the area since they will provide the kind of possibility for urban exchange that is lacking in other parts of Dallas. Concerning the structure, the project is conceived as a network of streets, vehicular and pedestrian, and covered passages, creating blocks of a much smaller size than the present ones in order to make the whole area more active by increasing the number of streets and the possible patterns of movement. At certain points relating to the streets and very particular buildings such as the market or a tower are squares of different sizes with trees and fountains creating the oportunity for a variety of functions, cultural or recreational amidst the commercial and residential.

Year: 2001
New York City
New York, NY

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