Roma Tre Dormitory Competition


´╗┐Located along Rome's Tiber River, this dormitory complex is conceived as a continuous landscape that simultaneously organizes and connects four disparate adjacent communities into a single neighborhood. Through a series of shared piazzas and connecting passageways, the site links the Roma Tre academic community across the Tiber with the vital Viale Marconi and Piazza della Radio, and engages the Teatro India cultural center and the Via Papareschi area which it flanks.

´╗┐The result is a significant urban landscape that supports a variety of activities, enhancing pedestrian life and contributing to the overall collegial experience. The new dormitory sits in the center of the site and comprises a pair of five-story cloistered squares offset from one another. The housing program is raised fifteen feet above the ground level to separate the private living areas from the public realm. The undulating ground plane rises along a grand stair to meet the second cloister, giving it a more intimate atmosphere. By elevating the building, the ground is free to house a variety of public spaces with differing characters.

Year: 2002
University of Rome
Rome, Italy

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