Scully Hall


The first-phase implementation of the Princeton Fields Master Plan is the keystone building located on the northern edge of the existing athletic fields. Scully Hall sits in the center of the proposed massing complex and functions as the main gate to the ellipse containing the playing fields. The building is a 267-bed dormitory that expands the existing residential halls currently located to the northwest. It consists of dormitory rooms for upper-level students, lounges, instructional rooms, study chambers, as well as kitchenette facilities.

To the north, Scully Hall defines and reinforces College Walk, an important pedestrian pathway that connects the east and west campuses. Articulated as a more irregular volume, the dormitory conforms to the existing Princeton building fabric and defines more traditional residential courtyard spaces. On the southern edge along the playing fields, Scully Hall presents a more contemporary and larger scaled face. Upon completion of the entire master plan, this face will provide a memorable campus front, as well as a dramatic backdrop for the events that will take place in the elliptical fields.

Year: 1995-1998
The Trustees of Princeton University
Princeton, NJ

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