South Boston Maritime Park


The South Boston Waterfront Park is part of a larger initiative by the Massachusetts Port Authority to redevelop the waterfront along Northern Avenue in South Boston. The design resulted from a collaboration with a prominent local landscape architecture firm, where landscape and architectural elements work in concert to create a seamless and fully integrated overall design. The wedge-shaped site of the park creates a break in the otherwise continuous building edge of Northern Avenue facing Boston Harbor.

The park is conceived as a single design with three distinct zones unified through a consistent material palette and design methodology. The largest zone at the northern end of the park provides a raised lawn panel with a continuous staircase lining Northern Avenue. Two large pergolas at the lawn’s inner edge mark the transition to the central zone, creating a backdrop for events seen from Northern Avenue. The middle zone contains a low café structure and outdoor seating areas, while the southern end of the park is conceived as a more intimate area of benches and densely planted shade trees. The process included selection of an artist and the incorporation of a public art installation into the design of the park.

Year: 1999-2004
Massachusetts Port Authority
Boston, Massachusetts

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