Capital Plaza


´╗┐As part of an invited competition, this urban design proposal attempts to produce important changes to the Capital Plaza and the image of Taipei's old downtown. This proposal changes the image of the place by reconsidering its public architecture in total: to reinvent its form and its programming, its open spaces as well as its interiors. First, it creates a civic square, the Capital Plaza - a plane, 174 meters long by 54 meters wide, rising up to 6 meters at both ends.

´╗┐Second, beneath the plaza stands a hypostyle public space, the Capital Hall, which contains an open-air covered room intended for diverse functions. Third, the project locates a branch of the Palace Museum at Capital Plaza. Fourth, it includes a public loggia, a fountain, and two sets of cafes under the eaves of the plaza. This series of unprecedented elements creates a distinct and uniquely Taiwanese place, a plaza like no other.

Year: 2001
The City of Taipei
Taipei, Taiwan

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