Times Square Tower


The proposal for the new Nursing and Biomedical Sciences Building is grounded in Houston's unique urban condition. As such, we propose a master plan that creates a series of linked garden quadrangles meant to enhance the new building as well as the surrounding campus. Architecturally, the building is developed as a long, thin block with public spaces carved from its mass. These spaces create a series of important spatial events that unify the experience of moving through the building.

A fully-programmed, enclosed bridge is capped by an outdoor garden and links the building to the parking garage across Holcombe Boulevard, effectively acting as the primary entry sequence into the building. The bridge is programmed with public functions that, in traditional cities, might be found on the street front. This bridge leads down a set of bleacher stairs to the patio space, a large open-air gathering center for the building around which most circulation occurs. This space is accessible from the street level drop-off and is connected to Grant Fay Park by means of a grand staircase. At the top of the building, a canopy shelters the roof and provides shade for a terrace, used for public functions.

Year: 1984
New York City
New York, New York

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