Westown Development Project


Solidere International, in partnership with SODIC Company, developed a 1,200,000 square meter mixed-use city center development named Westown. The site is located within the recently planned Sheikh Zayed City. This new city is quickly becoming one of the leading satellite communities of Cairo lying 38 km from the capital’s center. Currently, Sheikh Zayed City houses around 50,000 residents, with a laying population expected to reach 500,000 within 10 years and an ultimate population projected for 3.5 million. This rapid urbanization is being driven by businesses moving out of the capital’s center to new high-tech business parks together with a strong trend of residential migration out of the congested city center.

Sheikh Zayed city enjoys a pleasant climate where the air is cleaner and the environment less polluted than central Cairo. The concept of the project is to provide through the Westown development the nucleus of a city center for the emergent urbanization of Sheikh Zayed City. The Master Plan will inform the development of a strategic 1.2 million square meter site plot adjacent to the intersection of the Alexandria – Cairo Highway at Kilometer 34, and the Dahshour Road leading to 6th October City. Westown’s urban design attempts to create a high level of ground coverage while maintaining a well-balanced provision of open spaces. Each neighborhood or “residential cluster” within the development will be given a separate identity through a mixed architectural style that reflects social and cultural diversity while giving a sense of place, as well as a feeling of belonging to the city.

Year: 2009-2012
SODIC and Solidere
6th of October City, Giza, Egypt

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